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Young Sciensopreneur International 2023-24

What does the Young Sciensopreneur journey look like?

Throughout the year, you and your team will follow a step-by-step entrepreneurial process to develop an innovative solution for a significant problem. The 2023-2024 competition consists of four stages:

1. Ignition Stage

  • Assemble your team and complete registration.

2. Actuation Stage

  • Brainstorm ideas and develop Business model for potential solutions.

  • Choose the most promising idea and finalize the innovation's name and category.

3. Acceleration Stage

  • Craft an Innovation Brief and create an Innovation Video to showcase your progress.

  • If applicable to your category, develop a website to present your innovation.

4. Finale - Liftoff

  • If selected as a Finalist, attend the Innovation Summit Online.

  • Prepare a Power Pitch and present your innovation to a panel of judges.

  • Compete for top honors and recognition as a winner of the YSI.

Throughout the competition, teams will compete for rewards and recognition. Exceptional teams will be recognized as YSI, and the top teams will be named Winners. Please check the official website of the YSI for the most up-to-date information and deadlines.

Can I join the YSI Challenge?

If you’re a student between the ages of 13 and 18, you are eligible to join. You must participate as a member of a team of 2-3 students. You and your teammates may compete from any corner of the globe. You can form a team with schoolmates, siblings, camp friends, or any other eligible students you know. If you’ve competed in a previous year, you may compete again as long as you still meet the age criteria and other requirements.

Want some guidance during your journey?

Check out the Student Resources Library, infused with best practices shared with us by startup industry experts and Conrad alumni alike.




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Areas of Thrust

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Stage 1: Ignition


  • Build your team: Assemble a group of 2-3 students who can work together seamlessly. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate across schools, cities, states, or even countries. Don't forget to find a coach who can guide and support your team. Coaches can be teachers, parents, subject-matter experts, or qualified mentors over the age of 18.

  • Initiate your team: Complete the team registration process on the YSI Portal. All team members and the coach should register together as one cohesive unit. During registration, carefully review the Student Guide, Rules & Regulations, and Terms & Conditions to ensure a clear understanding of the competition requirements and guidelines.

Night Skies


Astronaut Helmet

Stage 2: Actuation

  • Explore Possibilities: Engage in a process of exploration to identify significant challenges and generate a range of potential solutions to address them.

  • Develop Business model: Utilize the Business model canvas framework to articulate your initial ideas and thoughts for each potential solution. This framework will help you outline key aspects such as your innovation, target market, and business model.

  • Select Your Path: Evaluate your different Business model Canvases and choose the most promising idea. Finalize a unique name for your innovation and determine the specific Challenge category in which you will compete.

New World


Stage 3 : Acceleration

  • Craft Your Innovation Brief: Engage in a comprehensive storytelling process by addressing ten crucial questions. This will involve describing your innovation, its impact, showcasing progress, outlining your target market, and proposing a viable business model.

  • Create Your Innovation Video: Develop a dynamic and concise 3-minute video presentation showcasing your innovation. Utilize visual elements such as sketches, 3D models, storyboards, or prototypes to effectively demonstrate the concept and its potential.

  • Submit for Evaluation: Share your completed submission with a panel of esteemed Judges who possess expertise in the relevant fields. They will carefully assess your work, provide valuable feedback, and evaluate your innovation based on specific criteria.

Solar Eclipse


Finale - Liftoff


  • Join us for the Grand Finale: As a distinguished member of our Finalist teams, you will have the incredible opportunity to join fellow young innovators from across the globe at the Innovation Summit.

  • Refine Your Power Pitch: Condense your year-long journey into a powerful presentation that includes pitch slides for our esteemed Judges. Additionally, prepare an executive briefing deck that serves as pre-reading material for the panel.

  • Showcase Your Innovation: Take center stage and deliver your compelling pitch in front of a live panel of Judges comprising industry experts, government representatives, and academic authorities. During the Q&A session, demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and address inquiries related to your technology, its impact, business model, and other relevant topics.

  • Achieve Top Honors: If your team secures the highest score in your category, you will be honored as the winner of the YSI.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
Earth from Space



Since its inception in 2013, Young Scientist India (YSI) has played a crucial role in promoting science awareness and empowering young minds in India. With a focus on igniting the flame of innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, YSI has made a significant and positive impact on the nation.

YSI has been at the forefront of nurturing scientific curiosity among high school students. By providing a platform for young minds to showcase their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and scientific acumen, YSI has inspired a new generation of aspiring scientists and innovators. This has contributed to the development of a scientific mindset among youth and a greater interest in scientific pursuits.

YSI's influence extends beyond the event itself. Participants of YSI have been able to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges, thereby contributing to advancements in various scientific domains. By encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and providing a platform for young innovators to showcase their projects, YSI has accelerated scientific progress and led to the development of innovative solutions that address societal issues.

Moreover, YSI has created a network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting scientific talent and innovation. This collaborative ecosystem facilitates knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary collaborations, and the exchange of ideas, leading to synergistic outcomes and further accelerating scientific and entrepreneurial progress in India.

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